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Wazifa To Make Someone Agree With You

Wazifa To Make Someone Agree With You or to make someone agree for marriage can be use to make someone do what you want. Use our wazifa to convince someone.

Is There Any Wazifa To Make Someone Agree With You?

We live in an independent society where everyone has a view of his own. And you have to co-depend on several people every day to get your work done. While it is easier for you to deal with the like-minded people, dealing with an adamant person is frustrating and troublesome.

Wazifa To Make Someone Agree With You

Wazifa To Make Someone Agree With You

Not only the harassment produced by them kill your time, but it also leaves behind a negative impact in your mind, which last long even after the work is completed. Stubborn people are very difficult to deal with. No matter how much you try, they follow their whims and create problems for others. Working with aggressive and adamant people builds in stress within you. And they become a constant source of your worry. You can recite our रूठे हुए मेहबूब को मनाने का वजीफा to make a person agree with you.

Now, you cannot avoid them as they are your colleagues, and you have to conduct your task mutually. Try to maintain a friendly tie with them and get the work done without paying much heed to their negative vibes. To make a stubborn person agree with you, you can practice wazifa.

Pray to Allah and recite the verses of the Holy Quran to fill your heart with Divine Light, which will help you navigate through every difficulty.  Observe your obligatory prayers on time. After each Salah, recite ‘Surah Fateha’ followed by ‘Surah Ikhlas’ for three times. Then recite the dua to make someone agree-

“Rabbis Rahlee Sadri Wa-yassirlee Amri WahlulUqdatan Mil Lishani YafqahuQawli”

for 33 times. Read ‘Darood – e- Ibrahim’ for 11 times both in the beginning and at the end of the wazifa. Insha Allah, with the repeated invocation of this dua, people will start agreeing to what you say. And things will work in your favor with the Divine Blessings of Allah.

Wazifa To Make Someone Agree For Marriage

Wazifa To Make Someone Agree For Marriage, You are seeing each other for quite a long time. Your liking for the other person is immense. You admire him/her for every small thing he/she does. While you have decided to marry your beloved, he/she is yet to commit to marriage. But you will never be able to bear the pain if the other person gets married to someone else. In Hindi you can say it किसी को शादी के लिए राजी करने का वजीफा.

You have to convince your beloved how much you love him/her. Share your optimistic views about your future life. Make you are beloved feel safe, secured, and loved. If your beloved is not happy with a certain aspect of your life, then let it go. Present yourself as a trustworthy person by being reliable and dependable.

Make it a habit of performing daily prayers and practice wazifa to make you are beloved agree to marry you. With prayers, Allah brings in every refinement in you to lead a good life. So, have your complete faith in Allah and practice wazifa for getting married to your beloved.  Every night after Isha Salah, read two rakats of Nafal Salah and recite the following dua-

“Rabbi Inni Lima AnzaltaIlayya Min KhayrinFaqir”

for 40 times. Begin and end your wazifaby reading ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times. Also, do dikr of Allah’s beneficial names

“YaRahmaano, YaKareemo, YaWadudo”

for innumerable times, during sunrise and sunset. Insha Allah, with the repeated invocation, Divine Love of Allah will shine upon you, and you can marry your beloved soon.

Wazifa To Make Someone Do What You Want

Wazifa To Make Someone Do What You Want, Wherever you are, be it your home or your workplace, you reside with people having different levels of maturity. Everyone does not perceive things in the same way as you do. Having an independent mind all prefer to act in the way they like. Sometimes, that leads to consequences that are not good for all, not even to the person himself. So, it becomes necessary for a far-sighted, mature person to guide the juniors.

Without being too bossy, you can discuss an issue with your juniors to reach an amicable conclusion. Sometimes even after a thorough discussion, they fall short of understanding the better opinion you have. At home, too, you find adolescent children fail to understand the bad consequence of certain activities they involve in. To make someone heart smooth you may use किसी का दिल नरम करने का वजीफा.

Butan attempt to rectify them by discussing the matter often leads to arguments. In such circumstances, you seek Divine Guidance by practicing wazifa to make someone do what you want. After Fazr Salah, recite the dua

“Allaahu-Akbar, Allaahu -Akbar, Ya Mu-izzu A-izzaUmmatana”

for100 times. Insha Allah, with the repeated invocation, Allah will raise your power and prestige. People around you will find your suggestions valuable and start obeying you.

Wazifa To Convince Someone

Wazifa To Convince Someone, Many times in your life, you face the problem of convincing others, though you are clear about what you want to do. But the execution of the plan largely depends on the consent of others. So, it becomes necessary for you to convince them and make them understand.

At the workplace, your plan will not be approved unless you convince your boss. And you do not get much scope to discuss your ideas with him as he is a busy man. Once he rejects your plan, it becomes difficult for you to show your efficiency.

At home, there are certain matters which require the permission of your parents. It might include a career course you want to pursue or marrying a person of your choice. However, not getting any of these dreams materialized can cause despair to you.

While confronting such situations, you can turn towards Allah, the Supreme Authority above all. Every day during sunrise, utter the beneficial names of Allah-

“Ya Allah, Ya Malik, YaMalikul Mulk”

for 100 times. Immediately, before proposing to your seniors, say in your mind,

“Al Mannano, Ar-Rahmaanun Fattah”

for 3 times. Insha Allah, the grace of Allah will endow upon you, and your seniors will accept your proposal readily. However, always remember, to gain importance in the eyes of others, you need to establish yourself as a good person in the eyes of God.

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