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Wazifa For Protection From Enemy

Wazifa For Protection From Enemy or to take revenge from enemy can be use to make enemy sick. We will provide you powerful wazifa to get rid of enemies. Each and everyone have an enemy. No matter it is if you are a big person or small. Every person is afraid of the enemy. If they hurt you continuously or not, there is certainly a danger from the enemy.

Wazifa For Protection From Enemy

Wazifa For Protection From Enemy

If you still fear your enemy will harm you physically, financially, or emotionally at any time. You’re feeling scared and unsafe because you have enemies who continuously threaten to pull you down. Everybody has these people and needs to get rid of them in their lives. It is vital to read the Wazifa to protect your enemy if you have people in your life who are constantly looking for ways to harm you and pull you down.

It would not only shield you from their harmful plans but also encourage you to deal with challenging times. Moreover, no matter how problem your enemy makes for you. Practicing this Wazifa will help you in all means, like the blessing from Allah Talah acts as a shield on you. Suppose you fear that the enemy will not only hurt you as well as your family. In that case, your family will also be benefited enormously by wazifa for safety from the enemy.

  • Beginning with Make ablution and sit down on the prayer mat.
  • Take a bowl of water
  • And take a white paper and write your enemy name in it.
  • Keep the paper under the bowl
  • Firstly, recite durood -e- Shareef 3 times
  • Recite this for 50 times “Inna Aataina Kal Kausar Fasalli Li Rabbika Wan Har Inna Shaani aka Huwal Abtar”
  • Now blow on the water and drink it and then give it to your family members too
  • In front of your house, dig a pit, keep the paper in it, and cover it with mud.
  • Equally important, you should do this water process alone daily after your Namaz.

This Wazifa will act as a protection from your enemies, and they can come even near you.

Wazifa To Take Revenge From Enemy

Wazifa To Take Revenge From Enemy, Suppose you try to make Wazifa the enemy with everything he does and create problems for you. The Wazifa will lead your enemy’s lives into troubles and problems directly from Allah Thalah . Your problems rest before the Almighty, for He’s the most noble and beneficial. The Wazifa for the enemy would make your enemy suffer for all his sins and all his trouble. If you want to take revenge from enemy then use our दुश्मन से बदला लेने का वजीफा.

Never lose faith in Allah Talah, and keep doing the Wazifa to take revenge from the enemy. You should take the right step. Likewise, if you feel someone has used black magic on you or your family. In certain cases, black magic can be dangerous because the happiness and unity of life are destroyed. Therefore, the only way for those who are tired of fighting with their enemies would be to use the wazifa to destroy enemies.

  • Make fresh ablution
  • Do this midnight of Sunday
  • Take an iron nail
  • Now recite surah naaz 1100 times
  • Then say sura Kausar for 1000 times
  • Pray to Allah Almighty to punish and destroy your enemy
  • Finally, take the iron nail and put it on the picture of enemy

You will see the changes happening in 21 days the wazifa will act very fast. Please remember that while you do this wazifa procedure, you have to do it only to the person who harms you or threaten you for no reason. It should not be practiced on innocent peoples as this will create the opposite impact.

Powerful Wazifa To Get Rid of Enemies

Powerful Wazifa To Get Rid of Enemies, If your enemy continually disturbs you and creates troubles for you, you should get rid of him and live your life peacefully. It would help if you did powerful wazifa to get rid of enemies whether you have business competition or business-related problems. Immediately almighty Allah Wazifa will help your enemies stay away from all his attacks and keep you safe and sound.

He can’t hurt you in anyways and more and can be free from their troubles. The wazifa would hurt your enemy by reversing back to him. It will punish him for his wrongdoings on your behalf. Peoples who are troubling you with land issues, finance, or not letting buy or sell any properties. Thus, perform this powerful Wazifa technique and see the miracle happening before your eyes.

  • Make fresh wudu
  • Start it by doing on Thursday evening after the prayer
  • Take a lemon.
  • Recite this for 500 times
  • Then say Darood Ibrahimi for 11 times
  • Now hold the lemon with your two hands and close and say the enemy’s name who disturbs you for three times.
  • And keep the lemon folded in a green cloth and keep it in the place where no one finds it.
  • Do this process with the same lemon for nine days.
  • On the last day, cut the lemon and squeeze this into the running water. You will notice your enemies automatically disappearing from you. And you will live a peaceful life.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick, Are you cheated by someone, a boy or a girl, and cannot come out of the situation? When someone at work is planning to keep you down, taking credit for your hard work, and spreading rumors about you to everyone, you can use the wazifa to punish the enemy.

It isn’t easy to live and enjoy life under certain circumstances. When these people speak, you are always surrounded by panic, and you lose all your hope and successes. Use this powerful Wazifa to make the enemy sick so that he will leave you alone without disturbing you.

  • Make yourself fresh
  • Take a piece of paper and write the person name with red ink
  • Recite ya illaha illalaa for 500 times
  • And then say surah lahab for 1000 times
  • After this, blow on the paper three times and burn the paper.
  • Take the ashes and mix them with mud. This process will work within a week.

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