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Wazifa For Love Back

Wazifa For Love Back or to get lost love back can be use for love back in 3 days. Use our wazifa for someone to come back.

Which Dua is Getting Love Back?

What could be an excellent feeling than loving someone? Love is one of the vital aspects of everyone’s life, especially for youngsters. So, if you are trying to get your love back, then you are in the right place.

We have shared the best wazifa for love back. So you need to just go through this entire article, you will find the correct wazifa for love back.  There could be certain situations where decades of love between the lovers take to turn into an unexpected and painful happening. The lovers find it very depressing and become anxious because their hearts get broken after a long life with their soulmates.

Wazifa For Love Back

Wazifa For Love Back

It does not take a fraction of the time to separate their love. It is an enormous tragedy for lovers. And, the youngsters start getting into the zone of depression and anxiety. So, they become frustrated and confused regarding their future.

Suppose you are one of the individual beings who desperately want their love to come back. In that case, we have powerful wazifa for love back. We ensure you will receive your love back very soon if you recite the wazifa with full dedication. Allah is kind and knows everyone. And, he will indeed show you results only if you seek help to them with pure intentions.

Here is the process of wazifa to bring back your love.

  • Have some black pepper seeds.
  • Take your lover’s name on the black pepper with the pure intention in your brain that you want to bring your love back.
  • Read the Surah properly on these black peppers, and when you start to read this word, “Inna Shanni aka.” comes to say, “May the heart of (Name of your lover), son of (his/her father’s name) turn towards you.”
  • Place your breath on those black seeds with a clear image of your soulmate.
  • Read the Surah for 41 times.
  • Every time you read it, keep blowing your exhaling breath on those black seeds of the pepper.
  • You need to store the pepper seeds in the secure place and make sure nobody can reach it.
  • Practice the Surah at the same time and same place.
  • Please do it for continuos 41 days with the news pepper seeds every time.
  • Finally, you need to bury these black seeds inside the soil or place them in the well.
  • Allah will bless you, and your lover will be back soon.

Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back

Here is the powerful wazifa to get lost love back. It works in real life. With the helpful wazifa, you can get your lover back in a short period. Wazifa can strengthen the tie between the couple. There should be a heart connection between the two partners. After that, everything will be fine.

All you require to accomplish is complete the below-mentioned wazifa with clear and pure intentions in mind. If you have any ungrateful meanings, then Allah Tala will not listen to you.If you want to get lost love back then must read our article रूठे हुए मेहबूब को मनाने का वजीफा to know more.

Here is the wazifa to get lost love back.

  • You have to repeat the below-mentioned wazifa for 500 times in a day.

“Allah Umma Barilo Ala Muhammeedin waala Aali Muhm Madin Kamasallyta Ala”

  • Now read the Islamic dua, which is mentioned below.
  • Surah Furqaan Ayat 73, 74, and 77.
  • You also have to read Surah Tariqe Chap 86 on Arafat Day.

Wazifa For Love Back In 3 Days

Wazifa For Love Back In 3 Days, Nowadays, it seems a widespread problem to lose a long-term and mature relationship. One of the significant reasons is telling lies to the partner and the occasions they create in their life.

However, you do not require to bother now. Because we have a strong and effective wazifa for love back in 3 days. By practicing this wazifa, you will get your love back in just three days. Now, you do not require to undergo more.

Suppose your loved one is not happy with you and stopped talking to you. In that case, this powerful and effective wazifa will solve all your problems regarding the issue. So, you have to read the below-mentioned dua if you want to bring your love back within three days. You can use our मोहब्बत में पागल करने का वजीफा to get your love back in 3 days.

So, ask Allah Tala for help, and he will surely listen to you.

Here is the process of wazifa for love back in 3 days.

  • Repeat the below-mentioned dua 371 times in a day.

“Hasbunallahuuwaa La namalwakel. QwataIlla Baillahilwa Naseer”

  • Read the following 5Tasbih.
  • Repeat “Allaahu Akbar” 93 times per day.
  • Read “Alhamdulillah” 74 times a day
  • Say “Subhanallah” 71 times per day
  • “LallahaIllallah” 93 times a day

Wazifa For someone To Come Back

Wazifa For someone To Come Back, The wazifa that we are mentioning here is for those who want to bring their lover or husband back in their life. Then, losing love could be very stressful and painful. So we have Waifa for someone to come back.

Procedure to perform wazifa for someone to come back

  • You have to read the below-mentioned ayat seven times.

“Alqari’aatu Malqari’ahn Wamaadrakamaalqari’aah Ya wmayakoonunnaasukalfaraashilmabsoosi Watakoonu-ljibaalukal ‘ihni-lmanfooshi Fa amma man saqulatmawaazeenuhu Fahuwa fee ‘eeshatinr-raadiyaah Waamma man khaffatmawazeenuhu Fa ummuhuhaawiyaah Wamaadraka ma hiyah Naarun ’Haamiyah”

  • It will help if you read the Surah, as mentioned above, no 101, Surah-Al-Qariah 7 times.
  • Now, you need to blow on your lover’s picture.
  • All you need to pray to Allah, Seek help from him with the intense dedication and pure intentions.
  • You need to pray to the Almighty Allah from the core of your heart.
  • There is no particular days or time to read the dua.
  • You can do it at any time for any number of days.
  • Allah will send your results within three days.
  • Females should not perform the wazifa in their menstrual days.
  • Do the process until you get your lover back, you will get your lover back very soon.


It hurts when your lover asks separation from you. There could be misunderstandings, but separation is not the complete solution. So, we have presented powerful wazifa for love back. So, perform it with a pure heart, and you will see the results very soon.

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