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Powerful Wazifa To Forget Someone

Powerful Wazifa To Forget Someone or to forget past can be use to forget love. Use our wazifa to stop thinking about someone.

What Is The Fastest Way To Forget Someone?

Sometimes in life, you desperately want to move on, but few past special moments hold you back. These memories never let you move on in life. It always keeps you stick to past events and people, and all these things never allow you to begin anything from scratch.

To move on, it is incredibly vital to forget the past. Otherwise, there is no escape from it. If you want to move, but unable to forget someone, we have powerful wazifa to forget someone.

We all know that it is easy to say but challenging to do. But, to begin with, we have to forget the past. It is nearly impossible to make a fresh start without forgetting your past events. We know that it teases you a lot. Even if we want to stay focused, our mind diverts the mind towards that person.

Powerful Wazifa To Forget Someone

Powerful Wazifa To Forget Someone

The good part is that you realized that nothing is about to happen between you and your partner. Now, you have a clear idea that you don’t want that person in your life. All you want is to forget all the memories related to that particular person.

You have tried everything to forget your ex, but you are unable to do that. Here we have powerful wazifa to ignore someone that will help you get rid of this problem. In Islam, there is a solution to every problem. Allah is so kind that he never disappoints his devotee. We advise you to do the below-mentioned steps to practice powerful wazifa to forget someone.


  • Read the dua as mentioned above as much you can.
  • You have to read ‘durood Shareef’ before and after this dua.
  • Almighty will help you, and you will get rid of this situation very soon.

Wazifa To Forget Past

Wazifa To Forget Past, The past is full of baggage. It could be anything in history related to your partner. The memories could be good or bad. Once you have over the relationship, it is vital to forget the past to move on. But is that easy? No, it is not.

Your past follows you wherever you go. It is challenging to get rid of it. But it is possible. First of all, you have to be clear that you don’t want that person anymore. You have to make up your mind. Otherwise, if you still have feelings for him/her, the thing will not work.

If you are still not able to forget your past, then we have a solution for it. We have wazifa to forget the past. It is a powerful wazifa that will solve your issue.

Here is the procedure for wazifa to forget the past.

  • The process is straightforward.
  • First, do all your regular prayers.
  • It will help you fight depression.
  • Now, you are required to read the surah 23.
  • It is Surah Al Muminoon.
  • Read verse no. 97 and 98.
  • After some time, you will start noticing some positive changes in your life.

Wazifa To Forget The Love

Wazifa To Forget The Love, It is just a matter of time. At some point in life, that person was your everything, but now, you wish to eliminate that thought. It all depends on how much you can sacrifice to forget love. If you have loved someone from the whole heart, it would be difficult for you to forget. But it is not impossible. All you require is to divert your mind in any other process. It could be your career, education, job, etc. If you focus entirely on anything, it will be easy for you to forget your love.

But, sometimes it takes a lot of time. You won’t see quick results in that process. So, many people leave that idea. And it becomes depressing again. So, for that problem, we have brought wazifa to forget love. It is a very effective wazifa given by Almighty. You should do the below-mentioned process with pure dedication and right intentions.

  • First, take a fresh shower before this wazifa.
  • Complete the namaaz that you do every day.
  • You will be required to read the below-mentioned dua

“Allahu kafi wah nih imaal wah ala hamdoo kafiniyal omar tomas romanaty domantas godey keefe Jodi.”

  • You will need to do this again before and after performing durood Shareef 3 times
  • Have faith in Allah.
  • And, remember Allah with all your heart and soul.
  • Ask for his forgiveness and strength.

Wazifa To Stop Thinking About Someone

Wazifa To Stop Thinking About Someone, You have broken up with your soulmate a few months back. There could be any reason behind the break-up: cheating, career issues, family problems, etc. But, after the break-up, no one wants to be stuck in those memories and topics. It is imperative to forget someone to move on. You won’t focus on a single area if you haven’t forgotten that person completely.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of this type of issue is chanting religious wazifa. When nobody can help, Allah is the savior. Almighty has a solution for any problem. You require to have faith in him. He will manage everything else.

You don’t have to date someone to forget someone. It is not a complete solution. You may have the thought of the past, even if you initiate a new relationship. So, we have a full-fledge solution for you. We have wazifa to stop thinking about someone.

Here is the complete procedure for wazifa to stop thinking about someone.

  • First, take a fresh shower and wear clean clothes.
  • Then read the Durood Shareef for three times.
  • Now, read the below-mentioned dua.

”Alaahu kaafi wah nih imal waah ala hamdoo kafiniyal omar tomas romanaty domantas godey keefe jodi,”

  • Read the dua for 301 times.
  • Again, recite durood Shareef for three times.
  • Do the procedure regularly for seven days.
  • Make sure you don’t miss even a single day.
  • You will start getting results very soon.


There are many ways to move on, but we don’t know how many of them are useful. However, we have to give powerful wazifa that can solve your problem. It will work for sure if you do it with pure intentions and dedication.

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