Wazifa To Break Engagement

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Wazifa To Break Engagement

Wazifa To Break Engagement or for breaking unwanted engagement can be called dua to get rid of engagement. Solve your problems like how to break boyfriend engagement? In Islam, one can provide all the solutions against all the possible problems. When we come forward in a relationship, especially in a love relationship, we should be aware because an entry of the wrong person in our life can destroy our life entirely.

Wazifa To Break Engagement

Wazifa To Break Engagement

Apart from that, when we marry someone in the future, we must have all the person’s facts perfectly. This only possible before the marriage. After marriage making some tough decisions will be more difficult. So that one should be careful in all the steps. If you are engaged with someone but realized that he or she might not be a good match, you must make a decision fast. Because it is not only the question of your life, but also family’s life is connected with the decision.

In such a state of mind, what would the right path? Maybe you fear the coming face loss in your society after a break up the engagement. So you can take a path. That will be fully confidential, and your desire will come true automatically. Initiate the Wazifa to break the engagement. Your counter section will do the break up themselves, and you will be free from any burden. Please follow the following rituals to get the best result-

  • Initiate the prayer process at the time of your night’s sleep.
  • Take a fresh wearing.
  • Now utter the sacred words from Durood e Shareef for a single time.
  • With the name of omnipotent Allah, recite ‘Ya Kareem.’
  • While praying, do not talk to someone
  • Complete the process by going to bed with peace and a positive mind.

Insha Allah! You will get the consequences for sure. The angels of Allah will give you the best you deserve.

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement, If it is your wrong decision of making engage with the wrong person. Or it is your parent’s choice behind the engagement. Suppose you are parents and want to stop your child from a wrong involvement. Whatever the reason is now we have to find the possible solutions. Here is the only solution.

You can take the help of the Almighty Allah. Because Allah is the father of humanity and never let his children in sorrow. Therefore he will help you for sure. So start the Wazifa for breaking the unwanted engagement. While you are performing the Wazifa for breaking unwanted engagement, they must be quiet.

Because you have to do this kind of work confidentially, but implant no evil desire or intention. If so, you will not get the consequence accordingly. Because Allah helps only the right persons. So follow the extremities to get the foremost result-

“Allahhumma Allif Baiynaa Qulubiinnn Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaatii ilannoor”

  • Utter the above-sacred words pure heartedly.
  • Don’t forget to perform your regular five-time namaaz.
  • Keep the process confidential. Pray to Allah according to your desire with lots of faith.

How To Break Boyfriend Engagement?

How To Break Boyfriend Engagement? First of all, we should not do such things. But if the situation is that your boyfriend or lover is going to marry the wrong person. Or your boyfriend is doing this under the pressure of his family. Only then can you perform the act. But the question is how to break boyfriend engagement.

In Islam, you can find any solution if you are with good intension. So ask Allah’s mercy and start the process as soon as possible. You can perform a Dua ritual to solve such a trouble. Therefore we are suggesting the only way out regarding your query- how to break boyfriend engagement. Initiate a prayer by following few extremities. And surely you will get the best result. These prongs are.

  • Start the practice from Friday (The sacred Jumma day).

“Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Raheem”

  • Utter these sacred words with the deepest from your heart.
  • Follow the ritual till Margib Salaah.
  • Now pray to the Almighty Allah to break the engagement.
  • You have to do the entire procedure for the upcoming five Fridays.

If your intention is crystal clear and you do not want to harm anybody. Then only your wish will come true. But you have to pay all your heart’s trust on the foot of the Almighty Allah. If Allah feels the earnest agrees of your heart, he will surely fulfill your desires.  

Dua To Get Rid of Engagement

Dua To Get Rid of Engagement, Suppose you are not willing to marry your parents or family’s decision. Or you feel that the person with whom your engagement has done is not right. You and your family members are not listening to your words. But remember, you have only alive. And you have the absolute right to decide with whom you want to send it over.

But you are not able to convince all these things to your nearest ones. Then there is the only way out for you. That is the Dua to get rid of engagement.

So it would be a good idea to perform the Dua to get rid of engagement. But please perform it confidentially. Otherwise, your nearest ones will try to stop you. So follow the following extremities to get the foremost result in very few periods-

  • Be spiritual all the time to get the best consequence. Or perform daily prayers accordingly.
  • Initiate this prayer after the last namaz of the day. Means start the Dua at night.
  • At midnight take a fresh cloth before starting the Dua.
  • Now perform the two Rakat tahajjud namaaz.
  • After that, utter the sacred wordings from Rakat nafil namaaz.
  • Next, utter the Surah Lahab for eleven consistent occasions.
  • After the entire prongs, go to sleep and sleep well.
  • Please perform the entire process for consistent eleven days accordingly.
  • After the eleventh day, you will witness the changes.

But it is a request please perform the Dua with good intention. Because breaking someone’s paak bond without any reason will be a sin. And for this doing, Allah will never give you mercy.

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